Hugo Filipe Nunes

Project Manager
SEO & Marketeer

Above all,
it’s like my fuel is curiosity!

Find more about me, my projects and my motivation

in one phrase

With close attention to detail,
I plan creative solutions and organize people in a way that empowers them
to achieve more exciting results, while being more focused and happier in their workplace.

How can I help you?

these are my services, my expertise.
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Social Media & SEO

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Social Media & SEM
  • Website Optimization
  • Link Building

Project Management

  • Briefing with Stackholders
  • Project Scop & Reports
  • Resources Plan

Content & translation

  • Marketing & Web
  • Portuguese & English Specialized

Business Consulting

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Inteligence
  • Production Analysis

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Asking for a meeting, for a quotation or just to talk about what I do, reach me out - I would really like to hear from you!